CCHL Stanley Cup Champions: 1997-2013
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A online hockey league which played via modem to modem, and internet from 1997 to 2013.

2000  STANLEY CUP  Bob Mattson Toronto Maple Leafs 1999  STANLEY CUP  Shawn Steward  Carolina Hurricanes 1998  STANLEY CUP  Al Arango Florida Panthers 1997  STANLEY CUP  Mike Pahl Pitsburgh Penguins 2010  STANLEY CUP  Ken Liszewski               Buffalo Sabres 2009  STANLEY CUP  Mike Serafini Colorado Avalanche 2012  STANLEY CUP  Mike Serafini San Jose 2008  STANLEY CUP  Stephen Payne  Vancouver Canucks 2007  STANLEY CUP  Brian Battle Nashville Predators 2006  STANLEY CUP  Devin Molina Anaheim Ducks 2005  STANLEY CUP  Todd Nebel L.A. Kings 2005  STANLEY CUP  Joel Max  Momtreal Canadiens 1998  STANLEY CUP  Al Arango Florida Panthers